The Health Care IT Standards & Interoperability Coalition (HITC) is a partnership of health care provider organizations and information technology industry companies who have joined together in support of influencing direction for integrating technology with the delivery of patient-focused care.

Overall, HITC seeks to:

  • Improve quality, safety, efficiency, and reduce health disparities
  • Improve health care coordination
  • Ensure privacy and security protections for personal health information

The Health Care IT Standards & Interoperability Coalition consists of many geographically diverse health care providers and technology partners.

The HITC will focus on the integration of information technology with health care delivery processes to produce high quality patient-centered care.

The goal is to help patients who move from one health care setting to another by allowing their medical information to follow them appropriately.   If this were to happen, the result would be avoidance of duplication of tests, procedures, medications, and results.  This would all be made possible through the interoperability of information technologies.

For example, electronic prescribing directly from the physician’s office to the preferred pharmacy of the patient will eliminate the delays associated with delivering the prescription to the pharmacy and then having to wait while it is dispensed.

Benefits of the coalition

  • As health care providers agree upon standards, the technology partners will be able to more economically produce products to match those requirements.
  • Standardization around best practices and evidence-based medicine is in the best interest of patient-centered care delivery.
  • Both health care providers and technology companies are better off as a result of the collaboration in setting standards.

HITC Meeting Schedule

2012 Meeting Schedule and Dial-in Number –866-365-4406; Access Code, 2931987: All Meetings are on the third Wednesday of each month, 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. central time
February 15  August 15
March 21  September 19
April 18  October 17
May 16  November 21
June 20  December 19
July 18

For more information on the Health Care IT Standards & Interoperability Coalition,  e-mail Debolt.Kim@mayo.edu.


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